Governor's Office of Youth, Faith and Family

Governor's Office of Youth, Faith and Family

Arizona RX Drug Toolkit

The Arizona Rx Misuse and Abuse Toolkit is designed with the theme Awareness. Action. Outcomes! It provides the roadmap to move communities forward beyond that initial awareness stage into action and outcomes. Communities and coalitions cannot wait another day here in Arizona to implement this initiative. Every day that we do, we lose more lives to death and addiction. The time has come to address this public health crisis and we need your commitment. 

STRATEGY 1 - Reduce Illicit acquisition and diversion of prescription drugs
STRATEGY 2 - Promote responsible prescribing and dispensing policies and practices
STRATEGY 3 - Enhance Rx drug practices and policies in law enforcement
STRATEGY 4 - Increase public awareness and patient education about Rx drug misuse and abuse
STRATEGY 5 - Enhance assessment and referral to substance abuse treatment

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